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Best Body Dynamix Discount Code

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  • 7 Workouts & 2 DVDs
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Body Dynamix includes seven low-impact effective routines. They are designed to work separately or together to help you:

a) Strengthen muscles Improve flexibility and mobility.
b) Reduce joint pain and injuries.
c) Increase metabolism and fat-burning.
d) Boost immunity and longevity.
e) Promote better circulation and a healthy heart.
f) Lead a more energetic, productive life!

Designed specifically for adults over 50, Body Dynamix is a low-impact, joint-friendly workout designed to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and help prevent injury.

You’ll Get 7 Low-Impact, High-Reward, Joint-Friendly Workouts available online and on DVD!


1) This routine of mobility drills helps to warm up your muscles, increase circulation and prepare your body for exercise. Focusing on the midsection (core), lower back, knees and shoulders, these drills are designed to increase muscular strength and endurance, improve mobility and joint health, prevent injury, and even boost immunity.

Body Insurance (21 min)

2) These easy-to-follow Yoga Flows and Poses can be used to further warm-up the body for exercise, or as a standalone routine to wake up your body in the morning, and then again at night to reduce stress, calm the mind, and help you get a good night of healing, restorative sleep so you can wake up in the morning energized and feeling your best.

Yoga Flows and Poses (20 min)

3) In this low-impact routine, Debbie uses a hand towel to walk you through movements designed to open up the muscles and increase flexibility in your upper back, chest, shoulders and arms, as well as elevate your heart rate into the ideal range to help increase circulation and keep you going strong later in life!

Tone and Walk (12 min)

4) In this low impact, walking-based routine, Debbie gets your heart rate up to boost your metabolism so that your body can burn fat and calories more efficiently ― without putting undue stress on your joints.

Cardio Walk (20 min)

5) In this last low-impact, walking-based routine, Debbie focuses on tightening your midsection while still keeping your heart rate up. You will sweat and burn calories while strengthening your core, which is key to preventing back injury, stiffness and pain as we age.

Core Walk (19 min)

6) It’s time to grab our mats, and hit the deck! In Core on the Floor, Debbie takes you through simple, but very effective core-strengthening mat exercises that focus on your abdominals and low back to help you create a stronger core.

Core on the Floor (26 min)

7) This routine is Debbie’s very favorite, and one she loves to teach at her own studio in Denver! It combines stretching exercises with deep breathing to bring better flexibility to your low back, hips, legs and upper body, while improving blood flow, releasing stress, and renewing your mind, body and spirit.

Restore and Repair Final (41 min)

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